Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 6u10 build

Date: 11/14/07

Category ID RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6599742 Defect D3D: Text rendering becomes garbled on Intel 945G chipset
  6613563 Defect D3D: Netbeans 6.0 is slower with the pipeline
  6619565 Defect PIT: D3D: Fullscreen frame having a HW comp crashes the VM when ALT + TABing
  6522374 Defect XEmbeddedFrame doesn't reconfigure itself on ConfigureNotify
  5050516 Defect JFileChooser very slow in XP if directory contains large zip files
  6594793 Defect Nimbus L&F: JTabbedPane Tabs have a thick black line around them.
  6595331 Defect Nimbus L&F: 6u5-b06 skin file changes (Drivived Colors, Slider and Spinner Focus)
  6595810 Defect Nimbus LAF :Resizing the container which has the scrollbar results in java.lang.IllegalArgumentExcep
  6596544 Defect JComboBox editor stays visible after popup gone
  6601200 Defect Nimbus L&F: ComboBoxes in JFileChooser look wrong
  6601798 Defect Nimbus L&F: JComboBox should act like button on rollover when not editable.
  6604494 Defect Nimbus L&F: Improve API and make certain API public for 3rd party component implementations
  6605135 Defect javax/swing/plaf incremental build broken under MKS
  6621655 Defect Remove Glazed Lists dependecy from Nimbus build process
  6533331 Defect Java Installer fails to update/register CurrentVersion and BrowserJavaVersion correctly
  6586889 Defect improve jinstall download dialog UE
  6591465 Defect JNLP Runtime Settings is not reflecting latest java version after update
  6591761 Defect upgrade/downgrade for patch-in-place not working correctly for all scenarios
  6593761 Defect patch-in-place breaks if previous JRE image has locked files.
  6595531 RFE Wording changes for AutoUpdate dialog to give more info on OpenOffice.org offer
  6610497 Defect Wrong registry script referenced in Windows JDK installer
  6610898 Defect Upgrade from 6u5 -\> 6u6 deletes all files under $PF/Java/jre6
  6612304 RFE Add support for skipping jdk-debug-image processing in install builds
  6613406 RFE Auto Java update should be scheduled on minutes basis instead of hourly basis
  6592260 Defect 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 installer should make sure no java plugin dll exists under \/plugins/
  6607159 Defect IS2 pings changes for Kernel Installer
  6613252 RFE JDK6.Deploy: Allow preset CC CXX
  6581817 Defect Java Update dialog dynamic text cannot be localized (not fully internationalized).
  6587680 RFE Java Update dialog branding changes
  6595901 RFE all text in update dialogs/bubbles should be configurable through xml file
  6607298 Defect Java Update's "Java Update Available" dialog box cannot be canceled or killed after reverting
  6607446 Defect HtmlConverter generates incorrect string version in the .cab file
  6595618 Defect Intermittent problems with signed applet certificate verification
  6604926 Defect If \ tag is malformed, FF browser either crashes or hangs.
  6485535 RFE Allow trusted applications to re-launch with all vm-args and properties in the jnlp file.
  6576052 Defect Application Launch failed after Webstart driven JRE installation
  6615910 Defect Launch Error Dialog disappears.
  6600709 Defect MXBeans: SortedMap\ fails when V is an array of primitives
  6601652 Defect MXBeans: no IllegalArgumentException in the ex. chain for SortedSet/Map with a non-null comparator()
  6619366 Defect javax.management.remote.rmi.RMIConnector.getConnection code relies on non-compliant behaviour of ORB