Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u10 build b32

Date: 09/15/08

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6739267 3-Medium Defect D3D/OGL: add missing ThreeByteBgr to texture upload blit loop
  6743629 3-Medium Defect PIT : java/awt/font/TextLayout/LigatureCaretTest.java fails in 6u10 b31 pit build
  6744888 2-High Defect OCSP validation code should permit some clock skew when checking validity of OCSP responses
  6731728 3-Medium Defect Java Update has strange UE for Vista "admin user" UAC-on
  6740115 1-Very High Defect unable to update 6u10 beta to fcs b29 - [ de, es, fr, it, ja, sv ] locales
  6743349 3-Medium Defect l10n of 6569795 (change in Deployment.java)
  6735003 2-High RFE preload deployment common cache (plugin/webstart) with javafx libraries
  6727020 3-Medium Defect Intermittent reliability problems related to applet relaunching
  6727087 3-Medium Defect Red X disappears after a couple of minutes
  6735312 3-Medium Defect AppletContext.showDocument fails silently in IE7 if target contains hyphens
  6739758 3-Medium Defect legacy_lifecycle applets should not exit after 2 minutes
  6740228 2-High Defect DnD: JNLP applets specifying system properties or JVM arguments don't relaunch
  6740231 2-High Defect High CPU consumption by gray box painter during loading of applets
  6741370 2-High Defect -Xmx ignored in control panel if java_arguments parameter is specified
  6742232 3-Medium Defect Unable to create shortcut for the "Stopwatch" applet
  6742814 2-High Defect In Java to JavaScript communication, JSObject.getWindow().call() locks up IE
  6745485 2-High Defect Firefox browser crash with "javascript:alert(window.java);"
  6745224 3-Medium Defect JNLP File That Works On All Prior 1.5+ JREs/JDKs Fails on 1.6 Update 10 RC b28