Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u14 build

Date: 02/10/09

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6459804 3-Medium RFE Want client (c1) compiler for x86_64 (amd64) for faster start-up
  6717457 3-Medium Defect Internal Error (src/share/vm/code/relocInfo.hpp:1089)
  6746320 3-Medium Defect Hotspot regression test for 6512111 fails in -Xmixed mode
  6384206 3-Medium Defect Phis which are later unneeded are impairing our ability to inline based on static types
  6462850 3-Medium RFE generate biased locking code in C2 ideal graph
  6532536 3-Medium RFE Optimize arraycopy stubs for Intel cpus
  6604014 3-Medium RFE add support for ideal graph visualizer
  6611837 3-Medium Defect block frequency is zero
  6649622 3-Medium RFE HotSpot Biased locking needs tuning on latest CPUs
  6653858 3-Medium RFE dynamic languages need to be able to load anonymous classes
  6667595 3-Medium RFE Set probability FAIR for pre-, post- loops and ALWAYS for main loop
  6676462 3-Medium Defect JVM sometimes would suddenly consume significant amount of memory
  6684714 3-Medium RFE Optimize EA Connection Graph build performance
  6697236 3-Medium Defect missing Identity for "(X+Y) - X" into Y
  6697238 3-Medium Defect missing dependencies for precompiled headers with platform dependent includes
  6700047 3-Medium Defect C2 failed in idom_no_update
  6706829 3-Medium RFE Compressed Oops: add debug info for narrow oops
  6708714 3-Medium RFE Optimize long LShift on 32-bits x86
  6710487 3-Medium Defect More than half of JDI Regression tests hang with COOPs in -Xcomp mode
  6712835 3-Medium Defect Server compiler fails with assertion (loop_count \< K,"infinite loop in PhaseIterGVN::transform")
  6714694 3-Medium Defect assertion in 64bit server vm (store-\>find_edge(load) != -1,"missing precedence edge") with COOPs
  6715633 3-Medium RFE when matching a memory node the adr_type should not change
  6716441 3-Medium Defect error in meet with +DoEscapeAnalysis
  6717150 3-Medium Defect improper constant folding of subnormal strictfp multiplications and divides
  6718676 3-Medium Defect putback for 6604014 is incomplete
  6723160 3-Medium Defect Nightly failure: Error: meet not symmetric
  6726504 3-Medium RFE handle do_ifxxx calls in parser more uniformly
  6726999 3-Medium Defect nsk/stress/jck12a/jck12a010 assert(n != __null,"Bad immediate dominator info.")
  6729552 3-Medium Defect jvm98 crashes with SS12 built jdk on Solaris X64 fastdebug version
  6730192 3-Medium Defect expression stack wrong at deoptimization point
  6730716 3-Medium Defect nulls from two unrelated classes compare not equal
  6731641 3-Medium Defect assert(m-\>adr_type() == mach-\>adr_type(),"matcher should not change adr type")
  6732154 3-Medium Defect REG: Printing an Image using image/gif doc flavor crashes the VM, Solsparc
  6732312 3-Medium RFE Switch off executing Escape Analysis by default
  6732698 3-Medium Defect crash with dead code from compressed oops in gcm
  6732732 3-Medium Defect CTW with EA: assert(n != 0L,"Bad immediate dominator info.")
  6736417 3-Medium Defect Fastdebug C2 crashes in StoreBNode::Ideal
  6738933 3-Medium Defect assert with base pointers must match with compressed oops enabled
  6741738 3-Medium Defect TypePtr::add_offset() set incorrect offset when the add overflows
  6743188 3-Medium Defect incomplete fix for 6700047 C2 failed in idom_no_update
  6743900 3-Medium RFE frequency based block layout
  6744422 3-Medium Defect incorrect handling of -1 in set_jump_destination
  6746892 3-Medium Defect Register Allocator does not process a data phi with one unique input correctly
  6746907 3-Medium RFE Improve implicit null check generatation
  6747051 3-Medium RFE Improve code and implicit null check generation for comressed oops
  6750588 3-Medium Defect assert(lrg._area \>= 0,"negative spill area") running NSK stmp0101 test
  6752257 3-Medium RFE Use NOT instead of XOR -1 on x86
  6753795 3-Medium Defect HotSpot crash in strlen() when JVMTI is used
  6754519 3-Medium Defect don't emit flag fixup for NaN when condition being tested doesn't need it
  6761594 3-Medium Defect framesize rounding code rounds using wrong units leading to slightly oversized frames
  6762004 3-Medium Defect 6532536 fix contains changes in os_solaris.cpp which were pushed by mistake.
  6764622 3-Medium Defect IdealGraphVisualizer fixes
  6766316 3-Medium Defect assert(!nocreate,"Cannot build a phi for a block already parsed.")
  6769748 3-Medium Defect Fix solaris makefiles for the case when "CC -V" produces several lines
  6770949 3-Medium Defect minor tweaks before 6655638
  6771309 3-Medium Defect debugging AD files is difficult without
  6772413 3-Medium RFE code cleanup
  6773078 3-Medium Defect UseCompressedOops: assert(kid == 0L || s-\>_leaf-\>in(0) == 0L,"internal operands have no control")
  6775880 3-Medium Defect EA +DeoptimizeALot: assert(mon_info-\>owner()-\>is_locked(),"object must be locked now")
  6782820 3-Medium Defect Server VM fails with "unhandled implicit exception in compiled code" assertion
  6787050 3-Medium Defect assert(n-\>in(0) == 0L,"no control") with UseCompressedOops on sparcv9
  6483129 3-Medium Defect par compact assertion failure (new_top \> bottom)
  6578152 3-Medium Defect fill_region_with_object has usability and safety issues
  6622418 3-Medium Defect G1: assert(false,"Non-balanced monitor enter/exit!") fails
  6652160 3-Medium Defect G1: assert(cur_used_bytes == _g1-\>recalculate_used(),"It should!") at g1CollectorPolicy.cpp:1425
  6660573 3-Medium Defect G1 : BigApps Failure : guarantee(satb_mq_set.completed_buffers_num() == 0,"invariant")
  6660681 3-Medium RFE Incrementally reserve pages on win server 2003 for better large page affinity
  6672698 3-Medium Defect mangle_unused_area() should not remangle the entire heap at each collection.
  6684579 3-Medium RFE SoftReference processing can be made more efficient
  6688799 3-Medium Defect Second fix for Guarantee failure "Unexpected dirty card found"
  6702387 3-Medium Defect G1: assertion failure: assert(p == current_top || oop(p)-\>is_oop(),"p is not a block start")
  6711316 4-Low RFE Open source the Garbage-First garbage collector
  6716466 3-Medium RFE par compact - remove VerifyParallelOldWithMarkSweep code
  6718086 3-Medium Defect CMS assert: _concurrent_iteration_safe_limit update missed
  6718283 3-Medium Defect existing uses of *_FORMAT_W() were broken by 6521491
  6718811 3-Medium Defect Mismerge of 6680469:macro.cpp
  6720130 3-Medium Defect NUMA allocator: The linux version should search for libnuma.so.1
  6722113 3-Medium Defect CMS: Incorrect overflow handling during precleaning of Reference lists
  6722565 3-Medium Defect G1: assert !r-\>is_on_unclean_list() fires
  6723228 3-Medium Defect NUMA allocator: assert(lgrp_id != -1, "No lgrp_id set")
  6723229 3-Medium Defect NUMA allocator: assert(lgrp_num \> 0, "There should be at least one locality group")
  6723570 3-Medium Defect G1: assertion failure: p == current_top or oop(p)-\>is_oop(),"p is not a block start" (revisited!)
  6724367 3-Medium RFE par compact could clear less young gen summary data
  6725697 3-Medium RFE par compact - rename class ChunkData to RegionData
  6728478 3-Medium Defect Assertion at parallel promotion from young to old generation
  6729594 3-Medium RFE par compact - remove unused block table implementation
  6730514 3-Medium Defect assertion failure in mangling code when expanding by 0 bytes
  6735416 3-Medium Defect G1: runThese javasoft.sqe.tests.lang.thrd011.thrd01101.thrd01101 fails
  6736341 3-Medium Defect PermGen size is insufficient for jconsole
  6740923 3-Medium Defect NUMA allocator: Ensure the progress of adaptive chunk resizing
  6740930 3-Medium Defect G1: compilation failure with latest gcc
  6742207 3-Medium Defect jdk7 32-bit windows build failed running pack200
  6742641 3-Medium Defect G1: NullPointerException during GCOld
  6743059 3-Medium Defect Error in spaceDecorator.cpp for "optimized" build.
  6752248 3-Medium RFE G1: introduce parallel heap verification
  6753547 3-Medium Defect NUMA allocator: Invalid chunk size computation during adaptive resizing
  6758633 3-Medium Defect G1: SEGV with GCOld on Linux
  6765745 3-Medium RFE par compact - allow young gen spaces to be split
  6765804 3-Medium Defect GC "dead ratios" should be unsigned
  6765954 3-Medium RFE par compact - stress mode for splitting young gen spaces
  6770608 3-Medium Defect G1: Mutator thread can flush barrier and satb queues during safepoint
  6771742 3-Medium Defect Remove duplicate files from G1 merge
  6774607 3-Medium Defect SIGSEGV or (!is_null(v),"oop value can never be zero") assertion when running with CMS and COOPs
  6778647 3-Medium Defect snap{,_policy}() should be renamed setup{,_policy}()
  6779436 3-Medium Defect NUMA allocator: libnuma expects certain size of the buffer in numa_node_to_cpus()
  6782457 3-Medium Defect CMS: Livelock in CompactibleFreeListSpace::block_size().
  6784849 3-Medium Defect par compact - can fail when to_space is non-empty
  6786188 3-Medium RFE par compact - "SplitALot" stress mode should fill to_space
  6786195 3-Medium Defect many nsk.monitoring tests fail with -server -Xcomp
  6714043 3-Medium Defect Minor fix to SS12 makefile changes
  6717128 3-Medium Defect Using relative path for ALT_OUTPUTDIR does not work properly
  6717462 3-Medium Defect Change Hotspot version and build number for opening of HS14
  6718830 3-Medium Defect Hotspot fails to build with gcc 4.3
  6723762 3-Medium Defect Fix shell command that gets java version (uses 2\>1)
  6724668 3-Medium RFE Hotspot: Official change to Sun Studio 12 compilers on Solaris
  6732438 3-Medium Defect Failure in build of rt.jar by pack200 due to VM segfault
  6732974 3-Medium Defect Backout workaround in CR 6732438
  6735720 3-Medium RFE Bump the HS14 build number to 03
  6745064 3-Medium Defect Update Hotspot build number for HS14
  6745363 3-Medium RFE Add ability to run packtest to hotspot/test/makefile
  6749707 3-Medium Defect Update Hotspot 14 build number to 05
  6754998 3-Medium Defect Update Hotspot version for hs14 b06
  6755406 3-Medium Defect minor mistakes in copyright notices
  6764892 3-Medium Defect VS2008 changes required to compile hotspot sources
  6767659 3-Medium Defect Conversion from i486 to x86 missed some entries in makefiles
  6771977 3-Medium Defect Bump HS14 build number to 07
  6775176 3-Medium Defect Bump HS14 build number to 08
  6781742 3-Medium Defect Bump HS14 build number to 09
  6787832 3-Medium Defect Bump Hotspot build number to 10
  5108146 3-Medium RFE Merge i486 and amd64 cpu directories
  6459085 3-Medium Defect naked pointer subtractions in class data sharing code
  6474243 3-Medium Defect suspicious jvmti code that uses oop unsafely across GC point
  6554406 3-Medium Defect Change switch UseVMInterruptibleIO default to false (sol)
  6608862 3-Medium Defect segv in JvmtiEnvBase::check_for_periodic_clean_up()
  6618726 3-Medium RFE Introduce -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions flag
  6618886 3-Medium Defect Anonymous objects can be destructed immediately and so should not be used
  6639341 3-Medium Defect sometimes contended-exit event comes after contended-entered on another thread
  6647068 3-Medium Defect libjvm.so is not built PIC
  6676175 3-Medium Defect BigApps crash JVM Client VM in BiasedLocking::revoke_and_rebias() walking wrong stack
  6689685 3-Medium RFE Hotspot crash error message should include libraries version
  6694099 3-Medium RFE Hotspot vm_exit_out_of_memory should dump core
  6700107 3-Medium Defect java/lang/Class/forName/TooManyDimensions.java crashes with SIGSEGV in c2 compiler with fastdebug
  6714758 3-Medium RFE hotspot: provide an entry point to the BootStrap Class loader
  6716785 3-Medium Defect implicit null checks not triggering with CompressedOops
  6718879 3-Medium Defect cannot build on solaris nevada
  6719149 3-Medium Defect Wrong "java/lang/String should not be loaded yet" assertion in fastdebug bits with UseStringCache
  6719981 3-Medium Defect Update Hotspot Windows os_win32 for windows XP 64 bit and windows 2008
  6721093 3-Medium Defect -XX:AppendRatio=N not supported
  6727377 3-Medium Defect VM stack guard pages on Windows should PAGE_READWRITE not PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE
  6732819 3-Medium Defect Turn off compressed oops by default for now
  6736718 3-Medium Defect more copyright headers wrong
  6739363 3-Medium Defect Xcheck jni doesn't check native function arguments
  6740526 3-Medium Defect sun/management/HotspotThreadMBean/GetInternalThreads.java test failed
  6741004 3-Medium Defect UseLargePages + UseCompressedOops breaks implicit null checking guard page
  6744783 3-Medium Defect HotSpot segfaults if given -XX options with an empty string argument
  6755845 3-Medium Defect JVM_FindClassFromBoot triggers assertions
  6756528 3-Medium Defect Bytecodes::special_length_at reads past end of code buffer
  6760773 3-Medium Defect UseCompressedOops is broken with UseParNewGC
  6761092 3-Medium Defect jvm crashes when CDS is enabled
  6769128 3-Medium Defect failure to run generateJvmOffsets is ignored
  6773838 3-Medium Defect There is no calling stack for Compiler thread in hs_err file on x86
  6779339 3-Medium Defect turn off LinkWellKnownClasses by default pending further testing
  6784100 3-Medium RFE getTimeNanos - CAS reduction
  6786340 3-Medium Defect hs14b09a pit: a lot of tests failed in "-server -Xcomp" on solaris-amd64 using fastdebug bits
  6685095 3-Medium Defect NPE in test/closed/compiler/5098422/Test.java under fastdebug
  6306922 3-Medium RFE Dump dump created by +HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError should include stack traces for stack roots
  6625846 3-Medium RFE Export system property java.version via jvmstat
  6718125 3-Medium Defect SA: jmap prints negative value for MaxNewSize
  6731726 3-Medium Defect jmap -permstat reports only 50-60% of permgen memory usage.
  6731958 3-Medium RFE Include all the SA classes into sa-jdi.jar
  6743339 3-Medium Defect Enable building sa-jdi.jar and sawindbg.dll on Windows with hotspot build
  6785424 3-Medium Defect SecurityException locating physical fonts on Windows Terminal Server
  6610244 3-Medium Defect modal dialog closes with fatal error if -Xcheck:jni is set
  6723941 2-High Defect Crash in sun.awt.windows.WToolkit.eventLoop()
  6776743 2-High Defect Lightweight components must be counted as opaque rectangles for the purposes of hw/lw mixing
  6779670 2-High Defect Recursive procedures in the HW/LW Mixing code must traverse parent containers
  6785058 2-High Defect Parent dn't get the focus after dialog is closed if security warning is applied
  6788954 2-High RFE Need to introduce sun.awt.disableMixing system property
  6622432 3-Medium RFE RFE: Performance improvements to java.math.BigDecimal
  6643094 4-Low Defect Test on keytool -startdate forgets about December
  6729405 2-High Defect Java with GTK L&F freezes(slows down repeatedly) when embedding Mozilla/XulRunner
  6792401 3-Medium Defect Windows LAF: ActiveWindowsIcon should not be greedy with fallback icon
  6544471 4-Low Defect LocaleISOData.java is incomplete and not up-to-date
  6793818 3-Medium RFE JpegImageReader is too greedy creating color profiles
  6752085 3-Medium Defect offline wrapper installers should have version tab
  6769082 4-Low Defect The "-p" should be removed from the installer full name
  6775674 3-Medium Defect JDK installer is signed with "Java Runtime Environment" text
  6775741 3-Medium Defect installer xml file should be split up into 2 xml files
  6789931 3-Medium Defect extra comma in resource file
  6775029 4-Low RFE Unify Plugin and Webstart JRE setting under one Java Dialog in Java Control Panel
  6729238 2-High Defect deployment toolkit mimetype is already used by mozilla - javascript changes only
  6742564 3-Medium Defect Webstart hangs reporting error on extension
  6789865 2-High Defect Java Plugin isInNet implementation returns incorrect value in some cases
  6719011 2-High Defect Applet isn't started when it's outside of the visible area of a browser window
  6769734 3-Medium Defect AppletContext.showStatus fails to work on IE7 under some scenarios
  6776473 2-High Defect JavaScript calling Java timing issue
  6786860 3-Medium Defect plugin2 : fairly large applet exits with "JVM instance exiting due to no heartbeat reply"
  6788906 3-Medium Defect Applet is freezed when JSObject.getWindow()/call() is used with a large amount of string data
  6789085 3-Medium Defect Applet Deadlock During Initialization
  6790391 3-Medium Defect After installing java 1.6.0_10, assessments do not display
  6791795 3-Medium Defect Java Console stack dump does not work in new Java Plug-In on Mac OS X
  6713144 3-Medium Defect PIT:Double entries in Java Cache Viewer/Applications for javaws -import install_demo.jnlp
  6719502 3-Medium Defect NullPointerException while uninstalling appln from system cache and the user cache is readonly
  6786213 2-High Defect Regression : ico files specified for shortcuts in jnlp files are not getting downloaded in 6u12b02