Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u14 build

Date: 03/11/09

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6784930 2-High Defect server jvm fails with assert(!n-\>is_SpillCopy(),"") in -Xcomp mode with fastdebug bits
  6788347 2-High Defect C2Compiler crash 6u7
  6807084 2-High RFE AutoBox elimination is broken with compressed oops
  6812721 2-High Defect Block's frequency should not be NaN
  6806226 3-Medium Defect Signed integer overflow in growable array code causes JVM crash
  6700114 3-Medium Defect Assertion (_thread-\>get_interp_only_mode() == 1,"leaving interp only when mode not one")
  6800721 3-Medium Defect JavaThread::jvmti_thread_state() and JvmtiThreadState::state_for() robustness
  6805864 3-Medium Defect Problem with jvmti-\>redefineClasses: some methods don't get redefined
  6813092 5-Very Low Defect Bump HS14 build number to 12
  6810653 3-Medium RFE Change String cache class used by Hotspot from String to StringValue
  6810166 2-High RFE part of pubs workspace need to be bundled
  6357932 3-Medium Defect JDK 1.5 : printing is incorrectly scaled on HP 6122, 6127 Epson R200 and likely others
  6635462 3-Medium Defect D3D: REGRESSION: XOR rendering is extremly slow
  6797728 3-Medium RFE Enable special code in the JRE to allow JavaFX runtime to treat fonts its own way
  6730447 3-Medium Defect Support for high resolution mouse wheel is still incomplete. AWT panel needs to be supported
  6801620 3-Medium Defect JPasswordField broken on JDK 6
  6812285 1-Very High Defect PIT : WARNING: Exception on Toolkit thread java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: sun.awt.X11.XlibW
  6807702 3-Medium Defect Integer.valueOf cache should be configurable
  6801512 3-Medium RFE Further performance enhancement for BigDecimal.toString()
  6806261 2-High Defect BigDecimal.longValueExact() method throws NullPointerException
  6737819 2-High Defect sun.misc.net.DefaultProxySelector doesn't use proxy setting to localhost
  6807602 3-Medium Defect Increase MAX_BUFFER_LEN and MAX_HEAP_BUFFER_LEN on 64-bit Solaris and Linux
  6497734 3-Medium Defect (dc) assert "JNI handle should not be null" under Java_sun_nio_ch_FileDispatcher_preClose0()
  6799037 2-High Defect (fs) MappedByteBuffer.load crash with unaligned file-mapping (sol)
  6787645 3-Medium Defect CRL validation code should permit some clock skew when checking validity of CRLs
  6495408 3-Medium Defect REGRESSION: JTabbedPane throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  6760148 3-Medium Defect Certain fonts are not correctly soft wrapped when using JTextComponent.print()
  6788484 3-Medium Defect NPE in DefaultTableCellHeaderRenderer.getColumnSortOrder() with null table
  6802944 1-Very High Defect Nimbus initialization is too slow
  4893408 4-Low Defect JPEGReader throws IllegalArgException when setting the destination to BYTE_GRAY
  6768003 3-Medium Defect new_pluging files installed differer from os/bit/version
  6803793 2-High RFE Yahoo Toolbar sponsor offer screen needs to be reworked.
  6794697 3-Medium Defect Deployment.java changes - l10n of 6775029 and 6742114
  6806737 3-Medium Defect Service tag is created when 6u14 jre is uninstalled
  6809561 2-High Defect Service tag entries are not deleted from the service tag registry with 6u14 b02
  6785446 3-Medium Defect Java caches JAR files loaded w/URLConnection, then denies access to the cache
  6804925 2-High Defect JNLPCachedJarURLConnection.getContentLength() may cause unneeded network requests for cached jars
  6784299 2-High Defect All-permissions jnlp applet execution bails out if user cancel certificate dialog
  6804500 2-High Defect A web page fails to load with JRE 6u11 and 6u12 with FF3 on windows
  6805102 3-Medium Defect Plugin2: Need provide plugin name and description in Mozilla about:plugins for libnpjp2.so
  6764455 3-Medium RFE Avoid network requests if everything is cached and JNLP has \
  6806934 3-Medium Defect SSV test using JRE 1.4.2 is throwing ArrayStoreException in 6u14b02 PIT
  6809125 2-High Defect Desktop short-cut doesn't work for java application after installation of 6u12
  6649371 2-High Defect JNLP Association (per-user) does not work in Vista
  6807187 3-Medium Defect Improve performance monitoring in javaws
  6660724 3-Medium Defect Lock Contention in SAX2DOM()
  6536111 2-High Defect SAX parser throws OutOfMemoryError
  6809409 3-Medium Defect jaxp Issue 56 SAXException doesn't do the exception chaining properly
  6498139 3-Medium RFE Buffer allocations in SJSXP introduce large constant factors
  6708840 2-High Defect JAXP validation throws null pointer exception with StAXSource
  6583301 2-High RFE Reduce allocation overhead in JAXP XML XSLT translation
  6652519 2-High Defect JAXP issue 48 : Performance Issue with Xalan Transformer
  6682459 3-Medium Defect Lock contention due to debug print
  4898461 4-Low Defect Support for ECB and CBC/PKCS5Padding
  4898484 4-Low RFE Cipher should optimize cases where only one buffer is a DirectBuffer
  6682411 4-Low Defect JCK test failed w/ ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException (-1) when decrypting with no data
  6682417 4-Low Defect JCK test failed w/ ProviderException when decrypted data is not multiple of blocks
  6801745 3-Medium Defect The visualvm files left on the system after jdk uninstallation in 6u14b02 pit