Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u14 build

Date: 04/01/09

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6772368 2-High Defect REGRESSION:tomcat crashed twice with JDK 7
  6791132 3-Medium Defect bad control in autobox split code
  6805522 3-Medium Defect Server VM fails with assertion (block1-\>start() != block2-\>start(),"successors have unique bcis")
  6817608 3-Medium RFE G1: backports of G1 CRs from HS15 to HS14
  6819891 1-Very High Defect ParNew: Fix work queue overflow code to deal correctly with +UseCompressedOops
  6821837 5-Very Low Defect Bump HS14 build number to 13
  6800586 3-Medium Defect -XX:+PrintGCDateStamps is using mt-unsafe localtime function
  6821003 2-High Defect Update hotspot windows os_win32 for windows 7
  6821777 1-Very High Defect hs14: jprt build failure on windows
  6773533 3-Medium Defect Regression in the IIOP stack that produces either IOE or JVM crash
  6577914 2-High RFE Add HAVE_JPRT_SAVE_BUNDLES option so JPRT will save the actual install bundles
  6764810 2-High RFE Fix sponsors and install to use wscript -B option (to prevent popups)
  6791649 2-High RFE add "SKIP_MSIVAL2=true" to the Windows section of make/jprt.config
  6823201 3-Medium Defect SE build on windows platform throws warning for JFB switch
  6803681 1-Very High RFE RFE: Need new codeset converter for IBM Cp1364
  6735296 3-Medium Defect Regression: Common print dialog does not show the correct page orientation
  6762511 3-Medium Defect Translucency is not working on Linux using Metacity
  6709453 3-Medium Defect Screen flickers when a JFrame switches to fullscreen mode
  6819886 1-Very High Defect System.getProperty("os.name") reports Vista on Windows 7
  6812880 1-Very High Defect AssertionError in BigDecimal.remainder
  6819773 2-High Defect BigDecimal.divide(BigDecimal,int,int) throws ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException under some circumstances
  6739920 2-High Defect java 6u4~ use larger C heap if there are many threads
  6523638 3-Medium Defect NPE in BasicTableHeaderUI it incorrectly assumes presence of JTable
  6550847 3-Medium Defect Action events not firing in JCombox's selected item
  6739756 3-Medium Defect JToolBar leaves space for non-visible items under Nimbus L&F
  6777378 3-Medium Defect NullPointerException in XPDefaultRenderer.paint()
  6818229 2-High Defect Nimbus LookAndFeel does not paint alternate row colors
  6818231 1-Very High Defect JEditorPane throws StateInvariantError
  6820796 4-Low RFE (tz) Support tzdata2009d
  6791502 3-Medium Defect IIOException "Invalid icc profile" on jpeg after update from JDK5 to JDK6
  6775670 2-High Defect Need to send unique ping and exit gracefully when user cancels install via FilesInUse
  6810754 2-High RFE need installer changes for Vector
  6820727 1-Very High Defect jre-6u14-windows-i586-iftw-rv.exe bundles are not signed
  6814874 2-High Defect StringQuoteUtil can throw NPE
  6810893 3-Medium Defect JVM args always mismatch on Vista
  6814509 2-High Defect applet jnlp file update check should be done in background if update check="background" is specified
  6818125 2-High Defect plugin2 : needs better performance data logging
  6814234 2-High Defect jnlp_file/appletDesc/index.html
  6817319 3-Medium RFE modify -import to allow multiple argumrnts for vector.
  6725987 3-Medium Defect ORB.destroy() does not cleanup correctly and ORB object instances are not garbage collected.
  6796140 3-Medium Defect Further ORB changes after 6725987